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Welcome to thunderdome!

Mostly Vikings, lots of sports, a fair amount of Tiger Woods, a sprinkle of whatever I feel like, nothing serious. I may love Teddy Bridgewater more than anyone else on earth.


What A Gallon Of 2% Says About You.

I love the white stuff as much as anyone else. I refuse to eat an oreo without waterboarding it, Dick Cheney style, (sick reference) in the sweet nectar, and I prefer that nectar come from the breast of a thick heffer and not a busted nut (almond you perverts). But just know your hand on…

Weep, Drew Lock stans

I can’t believe the Denver Broncos took this long to name Teddy Bridgewater their starting quarterback for the 21′-22′ season. It’s embarrassing that they even made him compete for starting job against a guy who’s definitely making a horrible mixtape as you read this. Drew Lock is the perfect high school quarterback, and he’s a…

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