Stay Woke Baseball Fans, The Huston Astros Will Have A New Trick Up Their Sleeve

Check out this quote from a recent ESPN article.

J. League side Vissel Kobe have told fans not to sing, chant or wave flags in their season-opening clash with Yokohama FC in order to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

The Astros will steal this idea quicker than they steal a catchers sign in the ALCS.

Under the guise of safety the Astros will enact a ban on singing, chanting, flag waving, sign carrying, trash can banging, and shit talking. They will think they’ve outsmarted us. They will think they’ve beat us. They will attack you with fake reasons for the ban.

“It’s for your safety.” “It’s to stop the spread of the coronavirus.” “We’re just looking out for you.” “We’re doing our best to keep everyone safe.” “Do you want to die?!?” “You will die!!”

Don’t listen to them. They don’t care about you. They just don’t want to be embarrassed and continuously reminded that they are frauds.

So don’t worry about germs, bacteria, or viruses. Illnesses go away, but public humiliation lasts forever. You need to yell at the Huston players, you need to chant at them, you need to waive Houston Asterisks flags at their games, and bang on anything you can. Chirps are a must. If you’re a pitcher, drill them. If you go yard off a Huston pitcher, flip you bat into fucking orbit and drill their sign stealing satellites.

Just remember to wash your hands after your done will the public shaming.

Stay woke people, Huston will be coming for your freedom of speech.

Published by G Spot Sneakers

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