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Stefon Diggs Ain’t Leaving

Big Dick Rick Spielman to Diggs earlier today:

That’s what I’m talking about Slick Rick. He gets it. He laughed directly in the face of the idea of trading Diggs. He laughed in everyone’s big dumb faces.

Trade one of your best players, in his prime? Not in Ricks house. No fucking chance. He knows how good this passing game could be. He knows how dangerous this offense could be. Diggs is critical to the success of the offense. It’s a passing league folks, and guess what? Diggs is very good at catching passes.

So put away you Belichick GIF’s. Delete your photos of Diggs wearing your favorite team’s stupid uniforms. Stop overreacting to his tweets. Stop begging him to come play in your dumpy city. He’s not leaving.

You want a better receiver because all of yours suck? Maybe try drafting better. Try developing a player once.

It’s embarrassing watching all the thirsty fans out there in Diggs’ mentions, ready to risk it all to finally have a good player. Y’all look like a dog pacing around the dinner table, just hoping something falls from the sky and lands in your lap.

Here’s what you’re not getting

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