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My beef with Michael Thomas is officially on hold

That’s right. My long running feud with Michael Thomas is now on hold, just like everything else in the world. This feud started years ago, when I chirped him from one of my old Twitter accounts and he actually chirped back, which I respected. I don’t even remember what I tweeted at him anymore, but I do know that he started it.

Now I’m not ready to bury the hatchet yet, even though I’m sure he wants too. I’m probably living rent free in his head and it’s making him crazy. He’s probably up all night thinking about me. No I’m going to wait before ending this feud. I’ll probably have to turn down a couple steak dinner truce offers from him but that’s okay, I’m a man of principle, and were not done just yet.

So why did I decide to suddenly take a break from this brutal feud? Because a new feud has recently popped up. An unexpected feud. A feud I wish with all my heart didn’t have to happen, because it’s going to get ugly. This hurts my heart because it’s like going to battle against your brother, a brother you’ve never met, have never talked to, have less than no relationship with, and you’ve only known he exists for a few years, but still a brother. And again, I didn’t start this, Stefon Diggs did.

Mr. Diggs started this beef by complaining his way into a trade after playing one year of a five year deal that HE agreed to and signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

Prepare yourself Diggs, this is internet war.

I’ll be seeing you around Twitter MT.

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