Joe Burrow would have been well within his rights to quit football today

I’m sure you’ve seen this hit already, but take a look again.

Did Burrow shit in Malik Jackson’s Cheerios this morning or what the fuck happened? You don’t often try to separate a man’s head from his body, unless he screws your mom, ruins your perfectly manicured lawn, or defecates all over your most important meal of the day.

The fact that Joe Burrow kept playing on the same field as that butcher is insane. He honestly should have left the stadium and retired from the NFL. When someone separates your body from your soul the correct response is to cry a little, pretend like you just have dirt in your eyes, fake a back injury to get off the field, and then give yourself a real back injury so you never have to stare death in the face again. I honestly don’t think anyone would have minded if Burrow had quit the game of football after getting his salad tossed into low earth orbit. To me that’s an acceptable and rational decision. Like, yeah man, you do you.

What’s not rational, is stepping back out onto the field where a few of your teeth are currently hiding, before Malik Jackson has been handcuffed and sent to jail.

I would rather get the Myles Garrett helmet treatment once a day for a year than have to take that hit once.

Props to Joe Burrow, crazy bastard.

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