Machine Gun Kelly’s little brother mean mugs the Lakers after a garbage time bucket.

Here’s a photo of the moment I’m referencing.

You may know this guy as “a bucket” because if you want 13.5 points per game, he’s you’re man.

Now bucket exceeded expectations in Game 3 of the NBA Finals with 17 points. He added a whopping 3 rebounds and 2 assists just to make sure we all knew that he should have been drafted over Zion and Ja.

If you missed the game, this snarl, which was about as intense and menacing as the golden retriever from Homeward Bound came after bucket nailed a game winner over LeBron.


Just kidding, bucket’s snarl came after hitting a garbage time layup over Rajon Rondo and getting an and-one.

Nothing says “I’m a bucket” like 14 points going into the final minutes of a critical NBA Finals Game 3. Bucket was essentially a piece of furniture out there that no one cared about until he hit us with the least genuine tough guy look of all time.

He looks like he’s about to drop the weakest diss track of all time. A diss track aimed at hotel bartender who didn’t recognize him because he looks like every white, college basketball player ever. I’m sure after he got his vodka red bull he dropped some absolute Nick Cannon-like heaters in the studio.

I make that same face when I take my morning shit. That’s the face I make when I microwave food and it’s still cold. This is the look most dudes give themselves in the gym mirror.

Bucket literally could not be less intimidating. Maybe try showing up in the Finals before hitting the Lakers with the “who farted” face.

Even Ham did it better.

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