B1G Football is thriving after a Sugar Bowl dub and a historic Mayo Bowl victory.

The SEC may still reign supreme in the college football realm but the Wisconsin Badgers made a statement this week.

With a resounding victory over a juggernaut Wake Forest team, the Badgers reminded the world that the Big Ten is not a conference to fuck with.

In a memorable matchup between a 3-3 Wisconsin team and, representing the ACC, a 4-4 Wake Forest squad. The Badgers racked up 42 points and well over 250 yards of offense against a prolific Demon Deacons defense during their condiment showdown.

The Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of college football’s signature bowl games, has been around since 2002 and has held many different names. Recently it was the Belk Bowl, but in 2020 nothing seemed more appropriate than to name one of the most popular and important bowl games after a thick, eggy, oil based sauce, that was designed to be a perfect topping for a sandwich made of bologna, Craft Singles, and Wonder Bread.

Although this was the Badgers first showing in the famed Duke’s Mayo Bowl, they were facing a team that was something of a legend in the sandwich spread community as the Demon Deacons were 2-0 in this bowl game. However, the world would soon learn to throw the records out the window when the Wisconsin Badgers came to town as they spent the afternoon flexing on the class of the ACC and putting college football on notice. The Big Ten is here, and here to stay.

Ohio State’s decent win in the College Football Playoffs over Clemson was also pretty good for the status of the Big Ten.

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