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A Few Events I’ll Never Forget

Sunday was definitely a day that I’ll never forget. I was laying in bed scrolling through Twitter when I saw the TMZ article shared. Today that got me thinking, where was I for other events that I’ll never forget? So I compiled a short list. Note that not all of these are serious, these aren’t all related, and they certainly aren’t all comparable in magnitude.

Minneapolis Miracle: On the couch at my parents house. Easily the craziest finish I have watched live.

Blair Walsh Missed Field Goal In The Playoffs: Sitting on the couch in my apartment. After the game I walked to the convenience store across the street to buy depression food.

Death Of Dale Earnhardt Sr.: I was at the Circus when it happened, heard about it in the car afterwards.

Death Of Prince: Sitting at work, scrolling the news on my computer. I immediately texted my Dad because he was a big Prince fan.

2016 Presidential Election Decision: At the gym running laps and doing an ab workout. Nothing political here, but it was a historic election either way you lean.

9/11: Sitting in a classroom.

Mayweather Pacquiao: A hotel room in Minneapolis.

Mayweather McGregor: A hotel room in Chicago eating deep dish (I know, I know, that’s not real Chicago style pizza).

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game: Sitting in my apartment with friends, watching in amazement.

2009 Connecticut vs. Syracuse “6-overtime game”: At a Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. Was not there to watch that game, but ended up not leaving until it finally finished.

2009 Brett Favre To Greg Lewis For The Game-Winning TD: Shooting Archery. I thought the game was over and I missed the pass live. Only saw the replay after a few moments after.

Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Win: I live streamed the first two rounds from my computer at work. Spent the weekend watching every Tiger shot on my couch. Will never forget him missing that first putt on 18 and then dropping in his second to win it.

Derek Jeter’s Last At-Bat In Yankee Stadium: Watched this one happen on my couch too. A true storybook ending for Jeter in Yankee Stadium. Hard to script it much better than that.

Brandon Bostick’s Muffed Onside Kick: At my girlfriend’s friends boyfriends (confusing) apartment. I was the only Vikings fan, so I was the only happy one.

This is all I can think of at the moment. I know I’m missing some pretty big events but for these particular ones I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I’ll update the blog or tweet out any more that I can think of.

Tweet me your list @ZimNeedsANewDC , I’m curious what everyone has. It can be strange what sticks with us and what doesn’t.

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