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The Minnesota Vikings Have An Eye For XFL Talent

According to a recent SI article, 23 former Vikings are on currently on XFL rosters. That seems like a lot. I don’t have any numbers to compare it to, so I’m going to assume that I’m right, and that it is a lot. I’m not sure how to feel about this. 23 former Vikings have washed out of the NFL.

The XFL is an exciting league, and it’s quite an accomplishment to be playing in it, but it’s not the NFL. If you’re playing in the XFL chances are you’re time in the NFL didn’t go as planned.

So does this mean the Vikings have an eye for G League or Triple-A level talent? That’s…great I guess. Good to know that 23 players who were on the Vikings couldn’t even make the practice squad on 31 other NFL teams. But hey, we sure can fill an XFL roster. Does that reflect poorly on the scouting department and the coaches who should be developing these players? I don’t know.

One thing I do know however, is that XFL players are not going to cut it. Especially not next season, when a good draft class and productive young players is going to be a necessity. The Minnesota Vikings are going to have a lot holes to fill this off season, and they’re not going to have a lot of money to use to plug those holes. The only way to reload for another playoff run is by getting significant production from young players who currently don’t have a large role, as well as from this upcoming draft class.

The Vikings can’t afford to be drafting and bringing in guys that are more suited for beer league hockey. Minnesota should not be a farm team to the XFL, that’s embarrassing. There are guys on that list who should have made an impact with the team but didn’t. So are the wrong guys being brought in? Are they not being developed? Are they not being given a chance (Jayron Kearse)?

Figure it out Minnesota! Otherwise you’ll be looking at a full rebuild soon if you can’t develop quality, starting, young talent. I would much rather see that zero former Vikings are playing JV football in the future.

My ego can’t take this. It’s hard enough to strut around as a Vikings fan without any Super Bowl wins. Imagine if one of my Packer fan friends saw this SI article? Talk about ridicule. This should be a stat that belongs to the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, or Detroit Lions, teams that should be demoted to the XFL.

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