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Please Stop Trying To Trade Stefon Diggs

Now I don’t know if the Minnesota Vikings are actually thinking about trading Diggs, but Twitter and the media certainly are, and I’d like it to stop.

When I’m playing franchise mode in Madden, grinding away every night, ignoring my family, trying to build a Super Bowl roster, do you know what I never do? Trade away one of my best players in their prime, because I’m not an idiot. One of my strategies when trying to get better is to actually try and keep really good players. I think that’s probably why I dominate in franchise mode.

The NFL is a passing league. If it wasn’t, Minnesota wouldn’t have broken the bank for Kirk Cousins. Did they pay Kirk to hand the ball off and watch the defense play? I doubt it. So you pay tons of money for a nice shiny new…gun let’s say, and now you want to get rid of your best bullets? Hey nice Dodge Charger, must have cost a small fortune, I bet it would be nicer if you have all four tires on it. I just bought a new iPad but decided to sell the battery in it.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You don’t pay lots of money for something only to get rid of the things that make it work. It’s no secret that Kirk needs lots of help to be successful, so why the hell would you think about trading away one of the best receivers in the game.

I know this is hard to handle. Take your time, process my reasoning here. When I want something or someone to perform better, I usually decide against taking away things that will help improve performance.

“But Diggs doesn’t fit the scheme!” The scheme is to score points bud. Here is a stat for you, any team that has ever won a game was scored more points than the opponent (I think). Do you know the most efficient way to score points on offense? Throw the ball. Throw the damn ball. Minnesota’s single biggest advantage on offense is the dual threat of Diggs and Thielen. Don’t try to change that. Don’t overthink it. It’s a simple game, kick the ball, throw the ball, run the ball.

If two great wide receivers “don’t fit your scheme” you had better change that scheme because it is a hot mess. A hot fucking mess.

The Patriots and Eagles didn’t have anyone to throw that ball to. They would have literally done anything to have two wide receivers like Thielen and Diggs. Literally, they would have done anything. Bill Belichick would have butt chugged boxed wine and Red Bull while smoking crack through a bong full of toilet water to have both of them.

Keep Diggs. Use Diggs. Throw the ball. Score points. Win games.

My philosophy is simple. Good players = good for your team.


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