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Quick Thoughts On The XFL

  1. In-game, sideline interview are electric. I need them in every sport, and that includes boxing, MMA, NASCAR, and hockey. They are so damn fun. Instant and authentic reactions to the good, bad, and crazy shit that happens on the field. They were a great idea. The authenticity of everything is perfect.
  2. Mic’d up coaches are very cool. I’ve always wondered what the communication is like between the coaches and the players, and now we get front row seats to it. Allowing the audience to hear the play calls, sideline banter, and reactions was a great innovation by the XFL. Again, the authenticity is great, and it makes you feel like your on the sideline.
  3. I like the kickoff rules, but I was a skeptic before I saw it in action. Kickoff returns are awesome, and the XFL has found a safe way to actually encourage and promote returns. While the NFL was making them boring and almost obsolete, the XFL strapped on some serious thinking caps. I would not hate to see this in the NFL. Kickoffs should be a big part of the game, not just an inconsequential formality.
  4. More double passes! I didn’t see any during the games I watched, and that’s a damn shame. If you can throw two passes in one play, you should be doing it, and doing it often. I hope we see more of this in the future. They made the rules to promote trick plays, you need to take advantage of it.
  5. More three point conversion attempts! This is the XFL, there is no need to be conservative. You have to play to win. Be aggressive, be e aggressive.
  6. Play at the skill positions was solid. From the QB’s, to the WR’s, RB’s, DB’s and so on, there was a lot of talent and playmakers. This league could easily send people to the NFL. A farm league plays as far as I’m concerned.
  7. I don’t mind the one foot in bounds catch rule at all, but it’s not something I would want the NFL to adopt. I like that it allows for more spectacular catches, but the difficulty of getting two feet in bounds for a complete catch belongs in the NFL.
  8. The “comeback period” is a nice touch. Allowing the clock to stop (under two minutes) while the ball is being spotted makes perfect sense. I hate watching a buffoon zebra stumble and fumble around trying to get the ball spotted quickly, when in actuality they are just running even more time off the clock.
  9. The surprising amount of people in the stands was nice to see. The stadiums weren’t full, but they were far from empty. It seemed like a good atmosphere, the beer was flowing and the fans were actually getting into it. Plus, twitter was very involved with it, which is always fun.
  10. Love seeing and hearing the booth review plays. With the NFL I just assumed they flipped a coin or checked social media to see which way the should call the play. The transparency in the XFL is nice. Good to know it not just a blind dummy in there with no idea what’s going on *cough NFL *cough.

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