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Nick Wright Is A Clown For This

Oh Nick, just when I thought your face couldn’t get any dumber your mouth uttered that statement.

I know he’s in the business of saying dumb shit just to get a reaction out of people, it’s why most shows on FS1 and ESPN are unwatchable now (I’ve never watched First Things First), but hey, I’m going to reaction blog the fuck out of this so the give the man his money because he’s doing his job.

I don’t know if Nick Wright hates Wiggins, Steph, the Warriors, or all three, but he just said “it’s over” for a team that still has Curry, Klay, and Draymond, two of whom are the best shooters the league has ever seen, not to mention all three players made up the core of a team that set the record for most wins in an NBA season. This is just an absurd statement. It’s an absurd thought that we will never see Steph Curry in another finals because of this trade.

This take is not only hotter than Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa, it’s also soft as hell. It’s a soft ass take because if the Warriors struggle to make to make it back he will claim victory and say “I told you so, they ruined themselves by trading for Andrew Wiggins” when really the only reason they may have trouble getting back is because the West is stacked. The West is incredible at the top; logically it would be hard to make it back to the NBA Finals so he decided to shit on Wiggins by blaming any future Golden State struggles on this trade. He knows it will be hard for the Warriors to get back, L.A. is super team heaven and Denver is brewing something dangerous too, it has nothing to do with Andrew Wiggins.

I’m sure he’s been cooking up this “We will never see Steph in another NBA Finals” take for awhile, way before the Wiggins trade. It’s an attention grabbing statement which is all he and his talking head friends do. He just needed a reason to say it, and he got his reason.

This is such a ridiculous statement I’m actually finding it hard to write about. It’s so god damn dumb, and yet fairly clever because his shit take on the Andrew Wiggins trade may end up looking not so dumb because of how tough the West is.

On the off chance that Steph Curry, one of the best basketball players in the world, never returns to the NBA Finals, it will have nothing to do with Andrew Wiggins. It will be because of LeBron and AD, or Kawhi and PG, or maybe even Jokic. Nick Wright doesn’t actually think Wiggins will be the end of the Warriors, he thinks the other great teams in the West could be, but that’s not exactly a hot take so he drags the Andrew Wiggins trade into it. The Warriors with KD would struggle to get back into the Finals.

This trade will not prevent Golden State from returning to the Finals. Andrew Wiggins will not keep Step Curry from the Finals. This trade made the Warriors better.

Nick Wright came up with another smoking hot yet lame ass take because he knows he’s protected by the strength of the Warriors competition.

Who would have thought that Colin Cowherd would have been the voice of reason.

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