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My Love-Hate Relationship With This New Dom Capers Hiring.

This is kind of exactly what I wanted the Minnesota Vikings to do. It’s also not quite what I was hoping for.

Dom Capers is very capable of bringing new insight and ideas to a defense which got a little stale last year. He’s been regarded as a defensive guru, which could be good for Mike Zimmer and the Vikings. What was once the backbone of our boys in purple has become, at times, a liability. Dom could help get things back on track.

In a way, this is what I was hoping for when Zimmer was searching for a new defensive coordinator. I’ve been a strong proponent of bringing in an external voice to help lead the unit. We all know Zim decided to go in more of a noncommittal direction and promote two position coaches to co-defensive coordinators, who will also remain coaching their respective positions. Confused? Yeah, me too.

I like the fact that Capers’ defense has been 3-4, as opposed to Zimmer’s 4-3. Now I prefer a 4-3 defense, but I like the idea of having a coach with 3-4 experience. It’s wise to be getting an influx of new concepts and schemes. A new way of thinking could be exactly what Mike Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings’ defense needs.

In case you didn’t know, Capers turned the Green Bay Packers’ defense around when he first got their, and molded them into a solid, and (unfortunately) Super Bowl winning unit. He has also worked with some great players.

There is a lot good with the Dom Capers hiring, but I can’t let this blog be all positive.

After their Super Bowl win, the Packers defense went basically straight down hill until he was eventuality fired.

Dom was also a bad and conservative head coach, and conservative is not what the Vikings need. If you’re a conservative plug your ears, because Minnesota needs to get liberal with their play calling, game planning, and strategies. They need someone who isn’t afraid to mix things up, come up with new ideas, and adapt to the trends of the league. Capers is about 150 years old, which presents two problems for me. First, old coaches tend to be stuck in their ways, and don’t adapt well. Mike Zimmer is an old coach, and he’s runs the team with a very old school, run first, defense first, mindset. The league has been changing quickly the last decade or so, and Minnesota needs to keep up. Second, how much longer is he going to be coaching? I would hate to have success with him, only to lose him in a year or two to retirement. That may not happen, but you never know.

Overall I like the hire. More experience is always a good thing. I think Capers can make the Vikings better.


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