Minnesota Vikings 1st Round Pick: Michael Turk

A punter threw up 25 reps on the bench press!? Are you kidding me? FYI: no tight end or wide receiver beat that. This dude just sauntered into the NFL combine ready to punt the football around for a little while, and then decided to shit on two of the most talented position groups.

They asked Jalen Hurts if he would consider switching positions. It may be time to ask Michael Turk the same thing.

How much time does Michael Turk spend working on his upper body? My guess would be not as much as he works on his lower body. Not as much time as he spends working on his punting craft. Imagine if he dedicated himself to just getting swoll as fuck. Imagine he had been working and lifting like a linebacker or defensive lineman. He’d be a legitimate monster. Mini Hulk.

I see potential here. Pure, untapped, raw, grizzly potential. I don’t want him to punt, I want him to get jacked on barely legal, probably not healthy supplements and kick everyone’s ass on the field. Linebacker, tight end, safety, fullback, enforcer, the baddest mother fucker, he could do it all. If you draft this guy to punt, you’re a god damn idiot. You’re missing the bigger picture.

I want Mike The Machine to bully the defense when he’s on offense. I want Maniac Mike to impose his will on the offense when he’s playing defense. A Swiss Army knife? More like a Swiss Army chainsaw with the extra dick stomping attachment added on.

I’ve never wanted a player on my team more.

Published by G Spot Sneakers

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