Hot Take: Football Should Be Played In A Dome

Over the course of my life I have developed a variety of strong opinions and hot takes. These range from Oreos being a below average cookie without milk, to Tom Brady currently being the most overrated player in the NFL.

One of my absolute hottest takes is that NFL football should be played in a dome.

Settle down Green Bay fans. Settle down and build yourselves a real stadium where I don’t have to sit on cold hard bleachers like a pigeon at a high school football game. Build a stadium where I don’t have to be squeezed to death between two overweight drunk men who reek of PBR, sharp cheddar, and fryer oil. I’ve been to Lambeau, it should be bulldozed.

I’ve digressed a bit. The Packers just make me angry, but isn’t solely a shot a Green Bay.

Look, I hate the Saint with an unhealthy passion that keeps me up a night, but at least they play in a dome! I can respect that.

Excuse me for not wanting to freeze or sweat my ass off while I’m at a game. Excuse me for not wanting weather to affect the quality of the on-field product. I don’t think it’s absurd to want the game played at the absolute highest level it can be. Call me crazy but I don’t want the passing game to suffer because of snow or rain. I don’t want the fast players to be slowed down by a slick field. I don’t want the ball slipping through everyone’s hands. I don’t want to be rained on. I just want to watch a high quality game in comfort. Is that really too much to ask for?

Only hardos like football outside in the dead of winter, when it’s so cold even that flask of Jack you smuggled in will freeze solid. Sorry I like to be comfortable. Mankind has perfected indoors and now we want to watch and play professional sports outdoors? Ridiculous. It’s hard as hell to eat nachos with gloves on.

Put a roof over you fields. Weather should not be affecting professional sports. Not in 2020. We have air conditioning now, use it. Players will player better when they are comfortable. Fans pay an arm and a leg for tickets, they deserve to be comfortable.

Domes = Better football.


Published by G Spot Sneakers

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