If Minnesota Only Drafts Cornerbacks And Offensive Linemen, I’ll Be Happy.

Most people would consider a team drafting only two positions a bad draft strategy. ESPN would certainly give that team a big fat “F” on their draft report card, but if the Vikings did this, I wouldn’t hate it. I’d call it a bold draft strategy.

I realize their are some other areas of need, but I really don’t think a draft board full of offensive linemen and cornerbacks is that bad of an idea.

They could potentially lose three corners in free agency. Granted one of them was about as effective as a washing machine behind the wheel of an ambulance (his name rhymes with Xavier Rhodes) but still. There is a very realistic chance they will need to replace three corners, and I’m not sold on Mike Hughes yet either. It’s a passing league, and unlike the British in 1940, the Vikings can’t stop an aerial attack. This team needs cornerbacks, and it needs a lot of them. Even if they get Waynes or Alexander back, they still need more cornerbacks, so draft a shit load of them.

The offensive line was probably not as bad as the corners were last year, but it was close. Very close at times. Pat “The Welcome Mat” Elflein was an open door to Kirk last year, and there is a picture of Riley Reiff next to “average” in the dictionary. If condoms were as effective at blocking sperm as these two were at blocking the defense, you would strap on a Trojan when you wanted a pregnancy. I know Garrett Bradbury was a rookie, but of the five offensive linemen I only trust Brian Cormac O’Neill. So at a bare minimum the Minnesota Vikings should be trying to replace two of the five o-linemen.

Minimally, were looking at two corners and two linemen, but if I know the Vikings there are going to be some busts. Some big Rick Spielman nut busts (his name rhymes with Taquon Lreadwell). So just to play it safe, I vote to draft nothing but corners and offensive lineman.

What other position would really help this team win and get back into the playoffs? RB? Stacked. WR? Best duo in the league (don’t fucking @ me). TE? Solid. QB? Solid (*arguments begin). LB? Solid. D-Line? Questionable. DE? Solid if we get Griffen or Weatherly back. Safety? Solid even if Harris leaves. Special Teams? Nerds.

I think I’ve proved my point, but feel free to comment and argue with me.


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