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Draymond Green Shouldn’t Be Allowed In The Same State As Charles Barkley

Draymond is a very good basketball player. In spurts, he’s been a great basketball player. He was an integral part of the championships he won, but he was third and fourth best player on those teams.

Barkley “can’t sit at this table.” What a joke. Has Draymond never watched Charles Barkley play ball? The Round Mound of Rebound would roll Draymond up into a ball and dunk him just like the Monstars did to Jordan. The Chuck Wagon was not only the best player on his team, he was usually the best player on the court. Barkley vs Green one on one, what’s the outcome you ask? How about Chucks nuts slapping Draymond’s front teeth while he puts him on a poster. Kind of like LeBron vs Josh Hart. Have fun spitting out pubes for an hour.

Hopefully Chuck was nice enough to shower before hand so his nuts don’t taste too bad.

I like Draymond, but this is a ridiculous statement. Charles Barkley is just an unquestionably superior basketball player. He dominated the NBA. Draymond just happened to be on a team that dominated the NBA.

Draymond pulled the rings card but that only works if your on the same level, LeBron vs Jordan for example. What Draymond apparently doesn’t seem to realize is that Chuck is an 11x All Star, 5x All NBA First team, an MVP, an All Star Game MVP, a 5x All NBA Second Team, he retired as the fourth player in NBA history to achieve 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists, and he won two Olympic gold medals while leading both of those Olympic teams in scoring.

So yes, Charles Barkley can sit at your table, he can sit on your couch, drive your car, sleep in your bed, shower in your bathroom, poop in your toilet, eat your food, drink your beer, and masturbate into your socks, and there is nothing you can say about it.

They call him Sir Charles for God’s sake.

It ain’t even close man.

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