One does not simply get traded for a 7th round pick by passing physicals

This is classic a classic “you get what you pay for scenario.” You don’t trade a rusted out Ford Pinto and expect a working Ford Mustang in return. No, you trade a rust out Pinto and in return you get a 6 foot, 308 lb StarKist tuna can shaped, chode of man who runs a 40 yard dash in infinity seconds because he could’t finish it.

To be fair, I don’t know exactly what part of the physical P.J. Hall Jr. failed, but I can only assume the Raiders were willing to trade a former 2nd round pick for a 7th rounder because he spent the quarantine maxing out on hot dogs and not on squats.

Unfortunately for Hall, Mike Zimmer’s complex defensive scheme requires running and tackling, both which can’t be easy for you when your physical report card has a red F stamped on it. P.J. doesn’t need to be the next American Ninja Warrior, but being a Glizzy Gladiator ain’t going to cut it.

Hall may be better off giving Detroit a try, where passing your physical is about as expected as winning the North.

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