Tiger Wood Is +8 And I Want To Die.

There is a chance this title is an overreaction. It’s not though.

During Round 1 of the BMW Championship on Thursday, Eldrick golfed like Mark Sanchez quarterbacked and put up an abysmal 73. But the greatest golfer of all time was not to be denied. Tiger teed off for Round 2 on Friday looking to right his ship before it sank to the bottom of BMW’s ocean but managed to butt fumble his way into an iceberg of a 75. Consider the U.S.S. Woods sunk.

I’m not mad, just disappointed that the GOAT is playing golf just slightly better than the average old, white, out of shape, country club member. Now I know he’s 44 and has a back that’s rebuilt with 25% luck and 30% prayer, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t break my heart watching him get beat by a guy named fucking Maverick who doesn’t resemble Tom Cruise in the slightest.

After a promising finish last week it seems like we’re back to bad Tiger, and bad Tiger means depressed me.

T’s and P’s to my liquor cabinet this weekend.

Published by G Spot Sneakers

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