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Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets

Fan Interpretation: Fuck the Vikings, they don’t deserve my loyalty. Bunch of shady ass rats bro, I want out. Kirk Cousins is ass. Minneapolis is a trash city. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Hey Trevon, pick a team for me to go play for. I’m going to finish my Vikings season strong, but then I’m done. I’m out. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Focused on getting the hell out of here. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Boutta get my ass traded in the next 30 days. I can’t fucking wait to get out of Minnesota. I ain’t playing here no more. Purple and yellow are some ugly ass colors. Trade me bitch.

Fan Interpretation: Mike Zimmer is an idiot. We couldn’t win the Minnesota DIII State Championship with his old, leathery ass. Screw his run first mindset. His defense blows more than the wind. I need a new quarterback. This organization is dog shit. Trade me to the Chiefs bro.

Fan Interpretation: Tired of the Vikings… lol. I can’t stand it here. This Minnesota bullshit is ridiculous. I want to play for the Packers. People here are too nice, it annoys the shit out of me. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: The Vikings are bringing me down. I should be the best receiver in the league. This offense is a trash heap man. Kirk should be in the XFL, but he probably wouldn’t even make an XFL roster lol. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Pay me more! Throw me the ball more! I’m the best player you have. I hate this team, I need to get out. Rick Spielman is honestly the dumbest guy I’ve ever met. Potlucks are dumb af. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Trade me to KD’s team! At least KD is a good QB. The NBA is wayyyy better than the NFL. I can’t stand Zimmer anymore. Beware of my ass getting the hell out of here. Prince isn’t wasn’t even that good. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Trade me to Cleveland! God doesn’t want me on the Vikings anymore. I need to stand up for myself and get out of Minnesota. I’d rather play with Jarvis Landry than Adam Thielen. Thielen wouldn’t even be good if it wasn’t for me. My only problems are this organization. Ya’ll can’t even drive in the winter. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: I’m about to run away to Japan or Mexico. Anything is better than being stuck playing football here. Screw vegans. Smh, gonna torch U.S. Bank Stadium, what a dump anyway. Tacos >>>> hot dish. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Lakes are stupid. You’re all going to miss me one I leave this hell hole. The Vikings don’t appreciate my talent, and the fans don’t even think I’m good. Well I’ll show you when I’m cathing tuddy’s from Tom Brady. Everyone in the state will trying to s my d to get me back. Ice fishing is awful. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Lick my balls Mike Zimmer, I’m out of here. Have fun never making the playoffs again. You’re the only person no one can learn from. Hockey is a dumb sport. Trade me dude.

Fan Interpretation: You know whats crazy? How bad this team is at football. Just do what I say and trade me to the Ravens. I’d rather live in Wisconsin. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Love & positive energy… two things I don’t have for the Vikings! Trade me you pee drinking crap eaters.

Fan Interpretation: I need some good luck to get me out of this contract. The Minnesota State Fair is pretty lame. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: I’m an actor, I act like I like playing here. If I don’t get traded or released I might retire too. Buffoons run this place. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Vikings = The Devil. I’m gonna burn in hell if I keep playing for these Satan worshiping d bags. I don’t care how much you pay me, I’m not staying. Save my soul and trade me.

Fan Interpretation: I wonder what team I’ll be playing for next year. Sure as hell won’t be the Vikings. Michael Zimmer? More like Michael Scott. Trade me now.

Fan Interpretation: The face I make when I remember Kirk Cousins is my QB. Vomit. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Felt like a home game because that’s where I’ll be playing next year. Enjoy the cold and snow you butt wipes. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Just going to tweet out my resume to the rest of the world real quick. Someone will trade for me. Someone will appreciate my skill set. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Now that’s a real quarterback. Wouldn’t mind catching passes from him. Kirk stinks man. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: He’d be the second best player on our team. Second to me of course. Damn I wouldn’t mind playing for the Lakers, they win Championships. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Honestly I’d rather work for Popeyes than play for the Vikings. That chicken is dope! What does Minnesota have to offer? Not shit. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: I think I’m finally getting traded!!!

Fan Interpretation: Shit man, that should have been me. Pretty damn jealous that he gets to play with a quality QB. Trade me you scrubs.

Fan Interpretation: Sheeshhh…this team stinks like roadkill man. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: I love you Tom!! Maybe we can team up next year! Trade me to Tom’s team.

Fan Interpretation: I’m always open, too bad my idiot QB never sees it. Trade me.

Fan Interpretation: Figure your shit out Minnesota! I tired of this losing nonsense. Trade me.

Stay tuned for “Other NFL Fan Bases Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets.”

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