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If Zion Develops A Three Ball That’s Money From The Locker Room And Hits Up A Pizza Ranch, He Could Be As Good As Snacks Lee

Snacks is a big boy, that’s no secret, but he’s a big boy with a jumper that is “straight cash homie” from the opposing teams showers, and that was a secret until March 2nd 2020. It was a secret until he hit the shot heard ’round the world.

Video Credit: 5th Overtime,

With a name like Snacks it’s only fitting that he hit that shot from the concession stand. Stroking it from that range is just plain efficient, he’s never too far from the basket or the skittles (or peanut M&M’s, live your life, I don’t judge). I think I’ve watched that video 67 times already. It’s such an awesome and genuine moment. Watching that thick man shoot the lights outs and electrify the crowd naturally got me thinking about Zion Williamson. Probably the thickest, most exciting player in the NBA right now.

Zion and Snacks have a combination of BMI and shooting percentage you rarely see, but you love to watch.

Right now I got Snacks over Zion in a 1 on 1 game, solely based on his exquisite and unguardable range. If Zion wants to get the edge over Snacks he better start heaving three pointers from the team bus and stop at an all you can eat buffet to put on some lbs.

If I’ve learned one thing from these two kings, it’s that 3P% = (3P/3PA)*Mass.

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