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Rudy Gobert? More like Rudy Doneshare (The Coronavirus)

More like Rudy Nocare (about the coronavirus).

Come the fuck on Rudy! Rudolph Gobert.

You’re 7’1″! How the hell did you even get the coronavirus? At that height you should be breathing in nice fresh air with every breath, not the recycled, germ infested, fart air the rest of us 6 foot plebeians are swapping (6′ 1″ with the right shoes, nbd).

Two time Defensive Player of the Year but you just got dunked on by your smallest opponent yet. The coronavirus just put you on a poster. It just went for its season high against you. It’s laughing in your face and stepping over you like it’s AI and you’re Ty Lue.

Right now you leading the league in virus assists, and virus catches. You might win Most Virus Infected Player this year.

Seriously, how did you get infected? Who the hell is trying to blow up LeBron’s MVP and Championship season? Did someone put you up to this?

Fucking Clippers.

Wash your damn hands!

Feel better soon though.

Published by G Spot Sneakers

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