Stefon Diggs Defending Sam Bradford Is A Wild Move.

What a fucking tweet. So Diggs didn’t want to play with Kirk Cousins in Minnesota because apparently he’s not good enough to throw to a Walmart brand No. 1 wide receiver, but somehow Diggs thinks Sammy Buckets is “pretty damn good”? And don’t forget, he’s “pretty damn good” “when healthy” which was mostly never. Let’s compare stats shall we.

If Bradford is “pretty damn good” than what the hell is Kirk Cousins? I’ll tell you. He’s pretty much better than Bradford, and as an added bonus, his knees aren’t made out of expired play dough.

Honestly, what are you talking about Diggs? Oklahoma Bradford was pretty damn good, but NFL Bradford was supremely alright. He was pretty damn okay. He was superbly not too bad.

If you valued Bradford’s accuracy you’ll love Josh Allen missing the broad side of every barn.

That tweet had to be the first of its kind. No one defends Sam Bradford in 2020.

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