Tiger Wood Is +8 And I Want To Die.

There is a chance this title is an overreaction. It’s not though. During Round 1 of the BMW Championship on Thursday, Eldrick golfed like Mark Sanchez quarterbacked and put up an abysmal 73. But the greatest golfer of all time was not to be denied. Tiger teed off for Round 2 on Friday looking toContinue reading “Tiger Wood Is +8 And I Want To Die.”

Are You Kidding Me Tiger!?

Dont worry I’m done with the “poems” for this blog. Not much to say about the performance today by Big Dick Eldrick. He was just bad. Couldn’t putt to save his life. His game never looked quite right after his hot round 1 front 9. It’s hard to say why this course gave him soContinue reading “Are You Kidding Me Tiger!?”

LeBron And Tiger Making Moves

So LeBron moved up to third on the all time NBA scoring list, passing Kobe. Snore. Give me a real story. Giving something more interesting, something enthralling. And while you’re at it, give me Kobe Bryant over LeBron all damn day. Yea I said it, and I believe it too. If I’m starting a franchiseContinue reading “LeBron And Tiger Making Moves”

These Masters Commercials Have Been Making Me Crymax

This is going to be a bit gross. It’s no secret that I love the Masters. It is by far the best Major in golf, and it’s even better when Tiger Woods is in the mix. If you’ve had the pleasure of watching Tiger golf lately, then you know that he will absolutely be inContinue reading “These Masters Commercials Have Been Making Me Crymax”

My 2020 Masters Debacle

We all remember the 2019 Masters. If you live under that overpass on my way to work maybe you don’t, so hold on to your nuts and let me fill you in. My god. If Eldrick Tont Woods celebrating in the red and black doesn’t rev your engine, raise your pulse, or put a littleContinue reading “My 2020 Masters Debacle”

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