A Drew Brees Return?

ICYMI, Twitter has been buzzing lately regarding a possible Drew Brees return to New Orleans to “run it back.” Surprisingly, it was a rare topic that Twitter seemed to agree on because it would be such a disaster if old man Brees suited up for another season. It’s hard to imagine what exactly Brees wouldContinue reading “A Drew Brees Return?”

I Will Start WW3

World War 3 has been a hot topic to start 2020. Personally, I’m convinced it’s going to happen, but not for the same reasons that the general public thinks. The public doesn’t know about the battle that has been waging right beneath their hairy ass noses. A true battle between good and evil. A battleContinue reading “I Will Start WW3”

Michael Thomas shows up during the playoffs, but on Twitter

Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints wide receiver I believe) appears to be a tad salty with the Minnesota Vikings. Someone call Gordon Ramsay because Mike sprinkled a few too many grains of salt on his timeline. I mean damn, he hit with a 1/4 cup when all it asked for was a 1/4 tablespoon. ThereContinue reading “Michael Thomas shows up during the playoffs, but on Twitter”

Oh my god.

Wow! Did not see that coming. I was pessimistic about this game, and why wouldn’t I be. Minnesota has a nasty habit of not showing up for big games, and the Saints are always a tough win (feels physical pain after writing that). The Saints didn’t play the game I expected (credit to the Vikes),Continue reading “Oh my god.”

T minus 13 hours

I would rather watch Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win a 7th Super Bowl than watch the New Orleans Saints win another one. I despise the Saints (not you Teddy) just as much as I despise the Packers. JUST AS MUCH. I don’t care how likable Drew Brees supposedly is, watching him win physically painsContinue reading “T minus 13 hours”

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