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Aaron Rodgers filmed an X rated movie in US Bank Stadium today

Not only did he film an X rated movie, but he also very likely committed a federal crime as he crossed state lines to do it. If you’re a Packer fan, you probably think you’ve just witnessed football porn. An aggressive Dom/Sub type of porn that was so hot you couldn’t stop watching but wasContinue reading “Aaron Rodgers filmed an X rated movie in US Bank Stadium today”

Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets

Fan Interpretation: Fuck the Vikings, they don’t deserve my loyalty. Bunch of shady ass rats bro, I want out. Kirk Cousins is ass. Minneapolis is a trash city. Trade me. Fan Interpretation: Hey Trevon, pick a team for me to go play for. I’m going to finish my Vikings season strong, but then I’m done.Continue reading “Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets”

96 Questions: Who is Your Vegas Dream Team?

If you’re a serious Vikings fan than this title needs no explanation. This is an older one that B Rob asked around the locker room back in the good old days when Xavier Rhodes was awesome, Captain Munnerlyn was solid, the defense was 2nd to none, and we had Alex Boone, who if nothing else,Continue reading “96 Questions: Who is Your Vegas Dream Team?”

Oh my god.

Wow! Did not see that coming. I was pessimistic about this game, and why wouldn’t I be. Minnesota has a nasty habit of not showing up for big games, and the Saints are always a tough win (feels physical pain after writing that). The Saints didn’t play the game I expected (credit to the Vikes),Continue reading “Oh my god.”