That damn yellow line

Oh that pesky yellow line. That officially unofficial yellow line which we live and die by when the game is on the line for our favorite team. Someone needs to figure that shit out. It we can track and calculate information about kicks and golf balls flying through the air, in real time, like we’reContinue reading “That damn yellow line”

Vikings fans, today we start boycotting Buffalo Wild Wings

Honestly I hate to do it. I love B-dubs. Their menu is outstanding, their wings are perfection, and I would drink their sauces with a straw. But for us suffering Viking fans, it may be time find a new place that has wings, beer, and sports. Why you ask? Because of this tweet. Sure itContinue reading “Vikings fans, today we start boycotting Buffalo Wild Wings”

Michael Thomas shows up during the playoffs, but on Twitter

Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints wide receiver I believe) appears to be a tad salty with the Minnesota Vikings. Someone call Gordon Ramsay because Mike sprinkled a few too many grains of salt on his timeline. I mean damn, he hit with a 1/4 cup when all it asked for was a 1/4 tablespoon. ThereContinue reading “Michael Thomas shows up during the playoffs, but on Twitter”

Bring back the moon

Oh Randy Moss, you truly are the GOAT. No not that Randy Moss! There he is. Glorious. Dripping with so much talent and swagger it almost pulled his pants right off. That man went out and grabbed 4 for 70 yards with 2 touchdowns as a road underdog, including a 34 yard game sealing scoreContinue reading “Bring back the moon”

Minnesota Vikings, XFL champions?

6 decades in the NFL, and not much to show for it. Despite some incredible teams, players, and coaches, a Super Bowl victory has thus far eluded the franchise. It feels wrong even bringing it up. It’s not like any fan has forgotten this fact, especially if they’ve had the uh…pleasure, I guess, of comingContinue reading “Minnesota Vikings, XFL champions?”

So Chris Simms thinks the 49ers have the advantage at quarterback. Interesting.

So Chris Simms, noted prolific QB (12 career TD’s vs 18 career INT’s) believes that the San Francisco 49ers have the advantage over the Minnesota Vikings at the quarterback position. His main reasoning you ask? Because Jimmy G is unflappable. Now I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember when Jimmy really showed us justContinue reading “So Chris Simms thinks the 49ers have the advantage at quarterback. Interesting.”

My 2020 Masters Debacle

We all remember the 2019 Masters. If you live under that overpass on my way to work maybe you don’t, so hold on to your nuts and let me fill you in. My god. If Eldrick Tont Woods celebrating in the red and black doesn’t rev your engine, raise your pulse, or put a littleContinue reading “My 2020 Masters Debacle”

On to San Francisco

New Orleans scared me. Seattle scares me. Green Bay makes me nervous. San Francisco? I’m not afraid (turns on Eminem). Does Jimmy G’s handsome ass scare me at quarterback? No. Does Kyle Shanahan’s slightly less handsome ass keep me up at night? Nope. The Vikings have to travel to California in the middle of aContinue reading “On to San Francisco”

T minus 13 hours

I would rather watch Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win a 7th Super Bowl than watch the New Orleans Saints win another one. I despise the Saints (not you Teddy) just as much as I despise the Packers. JUST AS MUCH. I don’t care how likable Drew Brees supposedly is, watching him win physically painsContinue reading “T minus 13 hours”

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