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Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets

Fan Interpretation: Fuck the Vikings, they don’t deserve my loyalty. Bunch of shady ass rats bro, I want out. Kirk Cousins is ass. Minneapolis is a trash city. Trade me. Fan Interpretation: Hey Trevon, pick a team for me to go play for. I’m going to finish my Vikings season strong, but then I’m done.Continue reading “Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets”

I’m Done With The Tom Brady Drama

I’d like to preface this by saying that I’ve always liked Tom Brady, and I’ve actually always wanted him to win when he’s been in the Super Bowl. This is for mainly for two reasons. First, the Vikings are never playing in it, and second, I enjoy greatness. With that being said though I amContinue reading “I’m Done With The Tom Brady Drama”

An investigation into Tom Bradys Instagram Post

In case you missed the post, take a look at just the caption below. 1,000 words are worth a photo. Clear as day. Clear as my piss when I’m pounding water trying to flush out my system before a drug test. Let me shepherd you through this. First, what an unusual word he uses inContinue reading “An investigation into Tom Bradys Instagram Post”