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A Few Humble Thoughts And Memories About Kobe

I had no reason to be a Lakers fan. I’m not from Los Angeles, I’m not even from California. But watching Kobe play basketball was so damn fun. He put out an addicting product because every single night he not only wanted to win, he wanted to be the best player on the floor, andContinue reading “A Few Humble Thoughts And Memories About Kobe”

LeBron And Tiger Making Moves

So LeBron moved up to third on the all time NBA scoring list, passing Kobe. Snore. Give me a real story. Giving something more interesting, something enthralling. And while you’re at it, give me Kobe Bryant over LeBron all damn day. Yea I said it, and I believe it too. If I’m starting a franchiseContinue reading “LeBron And Tiger Making Moves”

Imagine Caring About A Regular Season Game

I know that this is a Minnesota Vikings blog, but I need to get a few NBA things off my chest. I’d also like to confess something to my readers that love all Minnesota sports. I am a Lakers fan, and I’d like to apologize if you feel used, deceived, or led astray. Just thinkContinue reading “Imagine Caring About A Regular Season Game”

The BIG3 Is Incredible

Despite what the BIG3 says, it is coming for the NBA’s ass, and it is coming hard. These new rules are awesome. I don’t know who is in charge of updating rules or coming up with these creative ideas, but they need a damn raise. Give them all the money. Xzibit may have hosted PimpContinue reading “The BIG3 Is Incredible”