The Ultimate Rick Spielman Mock Draft

This is the draft Rick Spielman will have wet dreams about. Round 1 pick: Trade it for a 2020 second round pick and a 2021 first round pick. Round 2 first pick: Trade if for a 2020 third and a 2020 fourth. Round 2 second pick: Trade it for a a 2020 second and aContinue reading “The Ultimate Rick Spielman Mock Draft”

Stefon Diggs Ain’t Leaving

Big Dick Rick Spielman to Diggs earlier today: That’s what I’m talking about Slick Rick. He gets it. He laughed directly in the face of the idea of trading Diggs. He laughed in everyone’s big dumb faces. Trade one of your best players, in his prime? Not in Ricks house. No fucking chance. He knowsContinue reading “Stefon Diggs Ain’t Leaving”

Packers Gearing Up For Another Season By Paying A Kicker $13 Million

Signing a 35 year old kicker to a three year deal worth $13 million? Couldn’t be me. The Packers should be trying to design their roster to take some of the load off of their aging, slightly washed quarterback. Instead they decided to pay a kicker. Talk about on brand for a team that draftedContinue reading “Packers Gearing Up For Another Season By Paying A Kicker $13 Million”

Marshawn Lynch In Westworld???

According to a recent ESPN article, Marshawn Lynch has a “pretty substantial role” in HBO’s “Westworld.” This didn’t come from out of left field, this came from fucking Andromeda. The left field of Andromeda to be exact. If you’ve never seen Westworld, go check it, and then you’ll understand my bewilderment. I love Marshawn (doesn’tContinue reading “Marshawn Lynch In Westworld???”

Top Ten Realistic (Kind Of) Trade Destinations For Stefon Diggs

FedEx for Denny Hamlin (proven winner) Huston Roughnecks for P.J. Walker (cheap replacement QB?) DC Defenders for Cardale Jones (cheap replacement QB??) New York Mets for Tim Tebow (our very own Taysom Hill) Cleveland Cavaliers for Kevin Love (he for sure wants out, could play in a few spots) Beijing Ducks for Jeremy Lin andContinue reading “Top Ten Realistic (Kind Of) Trade Destinations For Stefon Diggs”

20 Reasons Chris Harris Jr. Should Come And Play For The Minnesota Vikings

0 cases of the corona virus have been reported in Minnesota. Stefon Diggs seems to love it here! It’s close to Canada, in case you like international travel. You’ll be able to learn from our very own, Xavier Rhodes! Unless he gets cut of course (please cut him). He was once very good. Minneapolis SculptureContinue reading “20 Reasons Chris Harris Jr. Should Come And Play For The Minnesota Vikings”

Drew Brees Is Returning Just So He Can Try To Beat The Minnesota Vikings.

I guess he wants to “make another run at it.” Laughable. Drew just wants another shot at the Saints Stoppers. Well, come and get it little man. Drew should have retired. There is still time, and I honestly hope he reconsiders. On the off chance his sorry ass get back into the playoffs, he willContinue reading “Drew Brees Is Returning Just So He Can Try To Beat The Minnesota Vikings.”

Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets

Fan Interpretation: Fuck the Vikings, they don’t deserve my loyalty. Bunch of shady ass rats bro, I want out. Kirk Cousins is ass. Minneapolis is a trash city. Trade me. Fan Interpretation: Hey Trevon, pick a team for me to go play for. I’m going to finish my Vikings season strong, but then I’m done.Continue reading “Vikings Fans Overreacting To Stefon Diggs’ Tweets”

My Love-Hate Relationship With This New Dom Capers Hiring.

This is kind of exactly what I wanted the Minnesota Vikings to do. It’s also not quite what I was hoping for. Dom Capers is very capable of bringing new insight and ideas to a defense which got a little stale last year. He’s been regarded as a defensive guru, which could be good forContinue reading “My Love-Hate Relationship With This New Dom Capers Hiring.”

Quick Thoughts On The XFL

In-game, sideline interview are electric. I need them in every sport, and that includes boxing, MMA, NASCAR, and hockey. They are so damn fun. Instant and authentic reactions to the good, bad, and crazy shit that happens on the field. They were a great idea. The authenticity of everything is perfect. Mic’d up coaches areContinue reading “Quick Thoughts On The XFL”

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